GSE’s expertise for all employees

GSE is an incubator of talent, a genuine school of autonomy and empowerment that encourages initiative and creativity to meet its clients’ major challenges.


Our employees are keen to innovate; they have an appetite for new challenges. At GSE, you work with passionate people who are fully committed to their responsibilities and their professional development.

Training is very important to us. The environment is changing rapidly and we want to keep our employees at the cutting edge of their expertise.Aurore Malblanc – HR Director


4 days of training a year by employee

The GSE Promo, taking your career in the right direction 

GSE has designed a training programme – in France and abroad – especially for its new recruits, young engineering graduates with permanent contracts.

Called “Promo GSE” and held every year since 2007, this programme is designed to help them discover and take ownership of our global contractor profession, our corporate culture and the strategy of our international Group.


The 18-month programme, comprising more than a dozen training sessions, is based on:

  • Training in construction engineering and project management
  • Close supervision and mentoring
  • Workshops to get to know each other better and to interact
  • Assignments to various projects in their design and implementation phases
  • Informal moments of experience sharing with members of earlier Promo

Each “Promo GSE” member is supported by managers, instructors and the HR department in the development of their technical and soft skills.


Are you an engineering graduate with less than two years of work experience?

Join the community of our engineers who have benefited from this programme! They are proud of their projects – and you will be too!

Every spring, we launch our recruitment campaign to start the “Promo GSE” programme in October.


You could be part of our next “Promo GSE”!

Support throughout your career

It all starts with the newcomers’ seminar. This two-day event, which brings together managers and new employees from all countries, is a time for discovery and sharing.


Meanwhile, you will benefit from a personalised onboarding programme, during which you will meet all the colleagues who will help you fit in fast and support you throughout your career at GSE.


6 induction seminars per year


Our skills development plan enables each employee to refine their expertise or move on to their next job.


At GSE, training is omnipresent and multi-channel: tutoring and mentoring programmes to support talents who wish to develop or deepen their knowledge of certain topics, e-courses that are enriched over the years, dedicated training cycles, expertise forums, individual face-to-face or distance learning, etc.


And, in the true spirit of knowledge transmission, 38% of our internal training is provided by our own experts.